Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism agenda has been a key pillar of the planning system over the last 5 years. At the forefront of this is Neighbourhood Planning. DOWSETTMAYHEW are recognised experts in helping to deliver these plans within Sussex. Working with a designated ‘front runner’ Parish Council, we provided expert planning advice on the preparation of a West Sussex Neighbourhood Plan. This has recently successfully completed its referendum and is one of the first 50 Neighbourhood Plans in the country to reach this milestone.

DOWSETTMAYHEW provide expert planning consultancy advice throughout the preparation process of the Plan, including stakeholder and community engagement. We prepare extensive supporting reports to demonstrate legal compliance with the complex planning legislation. This includes Sustainability Appraisal’s, incorporating Environmental Impact Assessment legislation requirements.

Our work includes representation as both advocate and expert witness to defend allocations in emerging Neighbourhood Plan’s and the importance of this document in decisions on large-scale housing sites.

DOWSETTMAYHEW are working with numerous other Parish Councils in Sussex on preparation of their Neighbourhood Plans, that will see new homes delivered as part of the sustainable development agenda in conjunction with protecting parishes and their communities.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

DOWSETTMAYHEW believes that effective community engagement is a fundamental part of the planning process that is often essential for a positive planning outcome. Community Engagement and Public Consultation is a fundamental part of the Government’s Localism Agenda, which means that Town Planning and Community Engagement are often inseparable during the planning process.

As a leading planning and community engagement consultancy, DOWSETTMAYHEW can support the needs of clients in fulfilling community and stakeholder engagement requirements for development sites and schemes, both before, during and after the planning application process.